The youngblood@fci project
Research prospers when young and talented people connect and work towards a common endeavor.

The initiative youngblood@fci aims at providing a platform for young scientists and clinicians, within the FCI, to unite their common interests, their resources, their expertise and come up with novel ideas and concepts.


Our participants assemble from various research backgrounds and different laboratories as well as clinical departments which are connected with the FCI. With regular informal events, our initiative not only creates space and possibility for supporting each other by addressing methodical and conceptual queries but it also includes sharing resources and suggestions. The initiative also serves as a tool for additional input and shared learning on scientific topics as well as a broad spectrum of methods. By self-organization, with the support of the FCI, our events, talks, and seminars lead by experienced researches from in- and outside the FCI can directly address the interests and needs of its attendants. Overall, our youngblood@fci initiative enables young scientists and clinicians to shape and experience translational research and scientific collaboration at an early stage of their career.

Julius Enßle


Rahul Kumar


  • Enßle, Julius
  • Kumar, Rahul

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Date:   11-03-2020

Time:  17:00


Epigenetics in normal and malignant development


Speaker: Mark Hartmann, DKFZ, Heidelberg
Location: Georg Speyer Haus – Brede Hall

Date:   xx-xx-2020

Time:  xx:00




Speaker: tba
Location: tba