Clinical Translation Programs

The clinical translation programs form the strategic heart of the FCI. Multidisciplinary teams consisting of clinicians, tumor biologists, biochemists, chemists and bioinformaticians work together in these interdisciplinary research projects. The teams rely on the technology platforms provided by the five research areas. The respective team members are selected individually for each clinical translational program. Functional cancer research on primary patient material, preclinical and clinical therapy development as well as molecular profiling of tumors, work hand in hand.

The clinical translation programs have their origins in clinical observations and challenges encountered in diagnosis and therapy. They deal with specific diseases or disease groups according to the specialization of the clinical partners.

The addressed subjects are consistent with the treatment spectrum of the UCT in order to ensure that clinicians and basic scientists collaborate on issues that arise from the hospital.
The clinical translation programs are advertised annually and approved for a period of several years. The progress of the programs is continuously monitored to ensure that they fulfill the essential aims of ​​the FCI.