The Building

The newly founded Frankfurt Cancer Institute will find an institutionalized home under a new roof. For this reason, funding for a research building according to ยง91b GG was applied for at the Wissenschaftsrat in 2017. The new building was approved in June 2018 by the Joint Science Conference (GWK) for funding.


The building will be constructed on an open space between the GSH and the University Hospital, thus also bridging the gap between the participating institutions. More than one hundred scientists from various research areas will be located here on approximately 4,700 m2 floor area, and centrally state-of-the-art equipment platforms will be set up to pursue innovative translational research.


The costs for the planned new building are estimated at around 100 million euros. The federal and state governments will jointly contribute around 80 million euros in equal shares. Previously, the German Cancer Aid (Deutsche Krebshilfe) had already pledged a significant donation of 20 million euros, the remaining costs are covered by other partners.


The primary objective will always be to mechanistically explain clinical observations and thereby enable new therapeutic approaches for the patients


Start of construction will be in 2024; the research activity will move in 2028 to the new FCI building.